Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am my own opponent in my own game.

My Arwah Nenek used to say, "Tak payah kaya-raya. Happy-happy dengan anak-anak tu lagi important, you know?"

Soooooooo true isn't it? 

Ok, today's entry is not all emotional about Nenek. But Nenek's words will always be etched in my heart and mind. She was the very few people who supported my decision about leaving the service in 2008. She said if I had done it for the sake of my children, I would never regret it. Yup, never had I regretted it one bit. 

Yeah, the financial concerns strained us a bit. But hey, even those who are in a dual income family have many  financial constraints. Because we are living in Singapore. PERIOD. 

So yeah, when I first started my business in Elken, I didn't think I would make it. But the push from a dear sister and her surprise blog entry on me helped to spur my energy and drive towards sharing one of the best products I have ever taken in all my 32+ years of living. (I know. I still look 25 right? Lol. ) Plus, Arwah Nenek and Arwah Uncle left us due to the mother of all ilnesses, diabetes. This means my family is highly at risk. Which puts my children at risk. Hubby's blood pressure is also high thus joining a health industry is the start of this journey. (Never forget exercise though!!)

So now that I'm in MLM, I may have eaten up my own words, "I hate MLM." As stupid as you may think someone doing an MLM business is, this 'stupid' organisation that you think it is, has helped me earned more than SGD5k last month alone. And Elken recognises my achievements! THAT IS THE BEST THING LA! 
Had never felt this appreciated by the school when I was teaching. Really. Honestly. Sad truth. That's why my morale was low lah. Tsk. 

Ok, I show you proof now. :) 

Was up on stage last Tuesday. Hee. 

My upline Kak Norsi, Nury and I, yesterday at the weekly meeting. 

Hubby and I with our income for last month. :) Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

Kak Norsi presented the certificate for my attendance at the 3D2N Total Beauty Workshop in KL, last April. 
(Fun workshop I must say!! There's one coming up in June at JB. Email or call me for enquiries ok? )

Our group who received recognition last week. :D 
(Don't we all look happy?! How not to be?!! Hee! )

And of course, my upline, Trina. :) 

And all I did was shared how good El Marino Blanc has been for me, my mom and my husband. :) 

Our Kak Julia with her own testimony. 

And Nury's testimony. :) 

So, stupid or not, I believe in its products and its incentives. And I am trying hard to sustain that amount for this month now that I have no helper and................I have an exam tomorrow. :O

Gotta go back to my books and notes now (while the kids are making a heluva noise. :/ ). 
Wish me luck ok? I really need lots and lots of it! Hehe. 

P.S: I still leave my mobile on and check my email regularly  though. ;) So, do reach me at or call/text/whatsapp me at 96711836 if you wanna know more yar. 

School holidays are coming. What better reason is there to earn extra this month, right? :) 

By the end of the day, all of these sacrifices are for my 4 muskynteers. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

A year on...

It's been almost a year since my last post.
Almost a year since we lost Nenek.
And yes, the very reason I did not want to blog was because I knew I would read my previous entry over and over again and be reminded of the many happenings last year. One of it is of course, my dear grandmother's death.

As I had expected, I am typing this entry in an emotional state. Still can't believe that I had spent a Mothers' Day without calling Nenek up and saying 'I love you' to her. She was also like a mom to me. The one who willingly cared for my siblings and I. While my parents were busy sustaining for the family, Nenek busied herself with us and was very patient with our different demands as a pampered kid, a teenager and a young adult. (multiply that by 3)

"Dah Maghrib! Nurhamzah, Nurashikin, nak masuk neraka eh? Lekas sembahyang!" 
 Abg Noi and I kena, every single day since we reached puberty. And it was always Maghrib that she had such energy to scream like that. Fajr, Zuhr, Asr and Isyak, not like that at all. But really, once a day was enough la. Hehe. My sis was still very young and once she had reached puberty, I was always not at home (budak poly already mah) so I can't really recall if she had been screamed at like that. Lol.

"Nak makan apa?" 
Every single day even if she had cooked the dishes for that day. She knew us well. She knew our tummies better. Heee. ;)

"You don't think I don't know, you know."
Everytime a boy called to look for me, that would be her favourite line. She claimed every boy who called me was 'gatal', was my boyfriend, was trying to get in my pants. So yeap, Nenek helped me filter some of those boys. Lol. Thank you, Nenek!  (Yes, she could communicate in English ok! Good English some more, you know!) Even those who genuinely called to ask about school work also kena. Hahaha.

Once I had Marsya, her fav baby talk was "Mana dia...mana dia..." until Marsya got tired of laughing. And it did not stop at Marsya. Ryan, Elisya and Keisya are all very lucky to hear that. Until today, Marsya would say that to other babies!! :)

 Oh wow....I could go and on forever. I still live in those memories. In those times when we were all happy. We will always have you in our hearts ad prayers, Nenek. We will always miss you. Because you were not just our grandmother, you were our superwoman.

 In Loving Memory, 
Hajjah Rahmah Bte Anuar 
 25 October 1933 - 29 May 2012 

Happy Nenek hugging our Lilo during Aidilfitri 2005


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Perfect Plan

Updated (25 May 2012)

Nenek is critical in CCU in TTSH. She was supposed to be discharged today,was even talking to the nurses about how happy she was. But,in a split second,as witnessed by a nurse,she fell back on the hospital bed and is having stroke ever since.

It's not a minor stroke. :'(

Her organs are failing and she cannot talk and smile anymore. :'((

Even if her condition doesn't worsen,it's very unlikely that she'll recover fully and be like normal. She'll either be wheelchair bound or bed ridden. :'((

Prayers for you,my darling Nenek, Rahmah Bte Anwar. We want to see you well again,nenek.

And,thank you for believing in me. Thank you Allah,for giving nenek and I the opportunity,to tell how much love we have for each other,for allowing nenek to tell me that she believes I was not in the wrong,for telling me to keep ducking the rotten lemons because one day,they'll be too rotten,no one would even pick them,let alone throw them at me.

May Allah open the hearts of those who have failed to see the Perfect Plan He has executed for all of us.

Now, let me go cry my heart out. I can't handle this sudden news at all. I can't. :'((

As cliché as it may kids are my greatest strength. The considerable factors of having a good husband,strong family support,understanding in-laws, wonderful friends and undoubtedly,the blessing of my Creator, also built the dynamics and quantums of my being here today, standing tall (short) despite all odds.

There's a reason why God blessed Bobo and I with 4 kids. And I do not need to know what the reason may be. But I do need to know and realise what and who I was before I had 4 kids.

What went on in my life when I was young, let it remain as memories but the impact of what had happened,who made certain things happened,are the basic moulds of how I became me. (Size and shape included)

Was never anyone's favourite. Not one now too and might never be at all. But this is what keep me going. A blast from the past,reminded me of how I was deprived of being defended,deprived of seeking the right channel to prove myself right,to show that I'm a normal person. Time and again,I was misunderstood. Time and again,I'm labelled rude.

What's happening to me right now is the perfect plan.
God is indeed the best planner. He knows what I can handle. He knows I can be patient. More patient than how I ever was.

If I ever succeed in not succumbing to my broken state now,it's thanks to the 4muskynteers who never endingly call for 'mummy'. Thanks to the husband who buys my chocolate treats without me asking (and entertaining my emo whatsapps). Thanks to the brother,sister and cousins who send random 'I love u,I'm here for you' text messages. Thanks to the parents for teaching me to fight my own war,on my own. Thanks to the friends,whom I now prefer to call my sisters and their families,who always wipe my tears without even probing 'why'.
And of course,thanks to my Nenek,who showed me first hand,before I even reached puberty,that the most rotten lemons could be thrown at you are the lemons 'from the same plantation'.

Nenek,you and I had a bad start as soon as I was a tween. But you have been the greatest teacher for my patience and resilience and no wonder now, you keep telling my kids to 'be like mummy'.

Thank you Allah for executing this perfect plan. Had it not been,I wouldn't know which lemons to duck from.

I love you so much nenek,nothing can ever change that. Not even those rotten lemons.

Nenek is now in the hospital,in stable condition. Hoping to have her back at home soon so I can then execute my plan for this school holidays. It's 4muskynteers and Nenek time. ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Real kids

Real kids whine,cry,scream,mess up the playroom,mess up the living room,mess up the kitchen and wet the dry area of the bathroom. Until you intervene as a supernanny or hulk.

Real kids don't give a damn when you say 'no' nicely with a logical reason to that 'no'. Because minutes later, (if u're unlucky,seconds later) they'll ask the same question again and again until you scream 'NO!'. By then,your neck looks like hulk's and your eyes are in comparison to superman's when he wants to use his laser powers.

Real kids have no doubts about having fun. Why bother creating fun for them when all they need is space. Just space. Be sure you have your ear plugs on once you have given them THE space and you've gotta be near to 'supervise'. (Don't do injustice to yourself-pls read,call a friend,or better still,play your iPhone/iPad/Tab games. After all,when there's no space,real kids will conquer your gadgets.)

Real kids don't say I love you without much needed practice or much needed reminders. I am guilty of doing so. I remind my kids to say I love you every night before bed. Still,they forget sometimes. They say that to their favourite toys/books/cartoons/friends though. So,kudos to me in the success of connecting that feeling of affirmation to something they like,though it may not be me,for now I hope.

Real kids don't care about healthy living let alone healthy foods. Don't tell them to eat the veges so they'll be healthy. Why not tell them "Mummy didn't eat veges when I was your age too. But I made sure I ate them or else I won't get to play 'rounders' using badminton racquets at the void deck." or "It's ok. When you're older and you know you need greens to look and feel beautiful, you'll eat a whole tree if you can." Guess the kids will get the drift and start eating those greens? Thank God if they don't. Otherwise, please don't think that your kids are normal.
Real kids don't look forward to school for school. They only look forward to being with friends in school. So,life IS fair wanna be away from their parents for a while in the day too!

Real kids don't care when the other sibling is ill. "Kakak can stay home and rest. We can go Explorer Kids!" But a real mom would feel,"Damn,not another round of the dreadful virus! And yeah,guilty for making 3 kids stay home on a school holiday while 1 is ill. But,what the heck!! All will stay home!"

Real kids,real mom.

Who needs cable?


Enjoy this one day school holiday,kids!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sharing is caring- Death

Came across this article in FB from Kak Sri. Thk u sis.

Loss of a loved one is not something all of us would love to think of,let alone having to lose our children.

The article is about a mom who lost her two sons. Be warned though,you'll be teary-eyed but at the same time,you'll be brought to a whole new level about Islam and death.

From Him we come, to Him we return.

Of conversations- May 3 2012

While driving her to school this morning,

M: Mummy, can we please go to Ayuni's house today? I ask only ah. Ask only.

Me: Why do you have to say that? The 'ask only' part?

M: Because you will always make so much noise wat.


Not even seven and she has defined my very frequent, detailed explanation as 'noise'.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Yup,I titled this entry Untitled cos that's what it is. I'm just being a typical
Mom who keeps too many of her kids' photos and the iPhone has reached its storage limit. Only after saving the pics in the notebook and posting them here and fb (and some in Istagram and Twitter ;p ) I'll place them in the 'bin'.

What can I say? Enjoy the unprofessional and unedited pics! ;)